Paul Pavlou: Article on Family Law Week

02nd Jan 1970

Family Law Week has recently published an article by Paul Pavlou following the launching of a JR against the government for failing to provide an adequate child maintenance system.

He ends with this plea:

“The priority should be in providing funds to children who are the most economically vulnerable. The government should then be given the role of collector for the money already paid out. An incentive that may reinvigorate a debt enforcement agency’s efforts. A proper State-backed system would provide basic economic security for children with an absent parent. Any fees imposed for the use of the service on the economically most vulnerable should be scrapped. The obligation of the State to put the children’s needs first or place them as its paramount concern should be axiomatic. The judicial review application is the latest attempt to try and resolve, or maybe just publicise, a system that is broken.”