Practice Areas

Adoption & Special Guardianship

We accept instructions from all parties in cases involving adoption or special guardianship. These can arise as stand-alone applications or within the context of care proceedings.

We can assist prospective adopters or special guardians regarding the merits of any application and also provide advice regarding the extent of any obligations on local authorities to provide them with both practical and financial support. Adopters and special guardians may also be concerned about managing arrangements for contact with other family members or (in the case of adoption) with members of the birth family post-adoption. We can provide expert advice and representation conveying their views about such arrangements and whether they are in the best interests of the child.

Four Brick Court has an established practice in assisting with adoptions with an international element. This includes adoptions in this country where the prospective adopter either lives abroad or wishes to move abroad and adoptions of children from outside the jurisdiction. We also assist in cases where mirror orders are sought to reflect an adoption that has been completed abroad but where legal recognition is sought in the UK.

We also provide advice and representation to local authorities again in the context of both stand-alone applications and where such issues or applications arise within care proceedings including those with an international element. We frequently advise local authorities on the extent of their duties to provide practical and financial assistance.

We also represent parents who are confronted with applications for adoption or special guardianship. Members have represented parents who wish to fiercely defend their position and oppose the making of such orders as well as those parents or family members who do not oppose the main application but wish to preserve an enduring relationship through contact or post-adoption contact.