Child Arrangements

Breaking up from a relationship can be traumatic enough but when children are involved emotions can run extra high. If you and your ex-partner can mutually agree arrangements for the children that’s great. If not, you’re going to need some help, either through mediation or the family court.

If you try mediation but that fails to provide a resolution then you can apply to the family court to obtain a child arrangements order. There is where a judge will decide on the child arrangements, i.e. who the child lives with, and how often and when the other parent sees the child.

Court proceedings can be extremely expensive using solicitors, possibly a the reason the courts are seeing an increase in the number of people representing themselves as a ‘litigant in person’ (LIP). There is of course a risk in doing it all by yourself. However, there is a solution enabling you to project-manage your case as a LIP (essentially the solicitor’s role) which will significantly reduce your legal spend – by getting expert legal advice and representation directly from a family law barrister.

Barristers are legal experts and a highly cost-effective legal resource. For example, using a barrister at the beginning of your matter through to conclusion could cost you 30-40% less overall than using a solicitor. And because of a barrister’s legal expertise and advocacy skills, you can expect to get the best possible outcome.

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You can consult a barrister even before an application has been issued, for example, you might want to know what the likely prospects of getting custody, or contact with your child are, the steps to be taken and anything else you would like to know. Here are some other aspects you might want a barrister to help you with:

  • help you complete the Application for a Child Arrangements Order Form C100.
  • respond to letters from your ex-partner or their lawyer.
  • draft the documentation that you will need at future court hearings.
  • represent you at court hearings.

If you wish to take ownership of your matter, give yourself the best chance of a successful outcome by using the considerable legal expertise of a family barrister to help you along your journey. Don’t risk not getting child arrangements because your spouse or their lawyer has got the better of you. Know your rights and protect your interests – use a barrister!

We charge on the basis of ‘fixed fees” tailored to your needs so you will know how much the cost will be before agreeing to have any work done. No nasty surprise bills later on!

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