Can we have an early knockout? Ending care proceedings without full judicial determination

24th May 2022

Four Brick Court’s Jacqui Gilliatt, Barrister and Head of Pupillage & Tenancy Committee, has a two-part article published in the Family Law Journal. Part one is available in this month’s issue, and part two will be available to read in June. 

Part 1 of two articles about the court’s power to require or force a local authority to withdraw care proceedings or otherwise restrict the scope of the findings it is willing to consider is published in the May 2022 edition of the Journal. Part 1 will focus on the situation where the local authority actively invites the court to bring things to an early conclusion.

Part 2 (to be published in June 2022) will consider whether there is anything the other parties in the case can do and what case management powers the court has in relation to the contents of threshold documents.

Click the link below to access the article.