Third seminar of our Private Law programme…

14th Feb 2020

The third in our series of Private Law seminars took place on Thursday 13 February at Bridewell Hall, a stone throw from Chambers.

4 Brick Court’s Bronach Gordon and Ummar Ahmad gave an excellent presentation to a large audience of Child law solicitors. The seminar focused on the practical considerations and pitfalls of FHDRAs, including:

  • The purpose of the FHDRA
    1. Expectations
  • The application process:
    1. MIAMS
    2. Considering evidence
  • The FHDRA
    1. Dealing with litigants in person
    2. Domestic Violence
    3. Safeguarding
    4. Reports
    5. Rule 16.4 Guardians
    6. Drafting the order