What our clients say

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best possible care. Family law clients often come to us in a crisis, and we are responsible for guiding them calmly and reassuringly.


The Legal Directories 


Each year, Four Brick Court submits to the Legal 500, an independent legal directory that meticulously researches hundreds of barristers across the London Bar, compiling a ranking system for family barristers. We are delighted to be recognised as a Chambers, with the added distinction of having 8 of our Barristers ranked within the Family Law London guide. Below, you’ll find a selection of the positive feedback we received in 2024, a testament to the high quality of our services and the expertise of our team.


  • 4 Brick Court goes above and beyond to help. It ensures counsel is right for the case in terms of complexity and expertise. The Legal 500, 2024


  • 4 Brick Court is an excellent set with bright and highly competent barristers at all levels. The Legal 500, 2024


  • 4 Brick Court can offer a good breath of experience and are always able to accommodate hearings even at short notice. The Legal 500, 2024


  • 4 Brick Court is an excellent set with very talented and dedicated barristers. The Legal 500, 2024


  • 4 Brick Court is brilliant and full of high-quality barristers who are very knowledgeable in family law. The Legal 500, 2024

We understand the importance of good communication and that client care is essential. That’s why so many solicitors, local authorities, and private clients enjoy working with our highly skilled barristers and is something that we hear regularly in our feedback. 

Our practice team receives regular praise for their helpful attitude and always goes above and beyond. 


  • Lauren has gone above and beyond and even took the role of directly communicating with the clients to make sure that the case was ready for trial on 19th January when I wasn’t available due to Tribunal work. The service Lauren has provided to the clients has been excellent and they are extremely happy that Lauren continues to represent them.This case is very complex and when technical issues crop up that is beyond my expertise, Lauren is very quick to offer her advice when I reach out to her. Alice Damoa, Paralegal, London Borough of Hackney (2024) 


  • It is always a pleasure to instruct Tom; he is meticulous in case preparation and diligently represents the Local Authority. Clients have consistently given positive feedback about his excellent communication skills, especially in an era of remote hearings he is observed to be conscientious in ensuring that he communicates with clients effectively before, during and following the hearing so that instructions are promptly received and acted upon. He has a wealth of legal knowledge and having instructed him on some complex cases, it was of great assurance and confidence to have him represent the Local Authority. Christiana Ajilore, Lawyer, Hackney Council (2021)


  • Amy Slingo is one to watch, she is fantastic with clients and represents parents and children to an incredibly high standard, the advice she gives is clear and she is well respected by all of the parties in the courtroom. She is hardworking, professional and astute. Janet Martland, Solicitor Crane & Staples LLP (2021)


  • Paul is everything a lawyer acting for the Local Authority could wish for. He is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, capable, personable and the perfect advocate to have in court as he will represent the client exceedingly well.  He is always calm and is never phased, either in court or during the life of a case generally.  I have dealt with complicated matters with Paul as counsel and he has been gently guiding when needed and will always make himself available to speak to which I have always appreciated.  I cannot recommend Paul highly enough, he is fantastic. Claire French FCILEx – Lawyer (2021)
  • James is an exceptional advocate who is consistently thorough in his preparation of each case. He is robust and concise in his presentation in Court and is always approachable and easy to work with. I always feel confident with his representation. Natasha Menicou, Senior Lawyer (2021)


  • Nairn Purss is a force to be reckoned with when he is on his feet in court, he is impressive in cross-examination and meticulous in his case preparation. His client care is phenomenal, he is compassionate and makes time to listen to clients which is very important when dealing with sensitive and highly emotive children law matters. Stavri Petrou, Solicitor (2021)


  • Bibi has a wonderful robust but sensitive approach, which is desperately needed when representing vulnerable clients. She is incredibly approachable and clients think very highly of her. Bibi is able to advise clients carefully in very sad situations and has a very lovely human touch to her style. I am always impressed by her immediate attention to matters, as well as thoroughly updating me after hearings. Sian Churchill, Solicitor | Crane & Staples LLP (2021)


  • Justin is conscientious and proactive. He also possesses excellent client care skills. It is always a pleasure to instruct Justin and this is a view positively shared by my colleagues and our instructing clients. Christiana Ajilore | Senior Lawyer (Childcare & Education) For and on behalf of the Director of Legal and Governance (2021) 


  • Justin is an exceptionally hard-working and skilled advocate with a keen eye for detail.  He provides clear and robust advice in a calm and reassuring way. Lisa Lee | Solicitor – Clifton Ingram LLP (2021)


  • Judith Charlton epitomises a safe pair of hands in that her representation is invariably thoughtful, efficient and effective. Lenora Nelson – Senior Lawyer LBHF (2021)


  • Having instructed Elin in both private law and public law cases I have found her thorough and able to grasp and distil the issues quickly.  She is approachable and able to make the client feel at ease.” Sadia French – Anthony King Solicitors (2021) 


  • An impressive advocate and very good at cutting through detail. Elin is approachable and favoured by clients. Marilyn Willows – Partner, Desor & Co (2021)


  • Justin prepares extremely well and his attention to detail is exceptional. He has a reassuring manner whilst also being clear and direct so that the client knows what to expect from the outset. Anita Mills – Newmans Solicitors (2021)


  • Mr Pye has been brilliant on my cases – he has been able to grasp the issues very quickly and is extremely thorough. I enjoy working with him!. Reena Matharu, Children Lawyer, London Borough of Tower Hamlets (2020)


  • Justin Tadros and Polly Allison provided superb training to Clinicians and Children’s Services with regard to “Reports and evidence in care proceedings – expectations of the court and practical tips for professionals. Both the presentation and your written materials were of the highest standard. All of the feedback from a wide range of professionals who attended the webinar (from the more experienced as well as those who are relatively new) was excellent. Manminder K. Mangat, Senior Solicitor – Bi Borough Legal Services (2020)


  • I just wanted to write to you to say Raminder has provided LBR with excellent service. Since I began instructing Raminder in August of this year, I have found her to be fantastic with the clients, her management of difficult parties and her rep as counsel of the LA has been exceptional. I have commended her skills to my colleagues. I look forward to closely working with Raminder from here onwards. Bahia Daifi, LBR (2020)


  • Four Brick Court has been my first choice of family chambers for many years not only because the barristers are extremely approachable and highly professional but also because the clerks are beyond helpful and always willing to go that extra mile to assist when needed. The barristers are approachable and alert to the differing needs of the lay clients in stressful situations. Katy Osborne, Partner, Howell-Jones LLP (2020)


  • Having instructed Polly Allison regularly over several years, I have found her to be an incredibly strong Advocate with a particular eye for detail.  She always carries out a thorough and diligent analysis of a case upon receipt of papers. She is extremely compassionate in cases of a difficult nature and will go to great lengths to reassure the client. Tracey Haynes, Solicitor, Barrett & Thomson (2020)


  • Having worked with Lee Pearman for 17 months in a longstanding complex care matter, I have found him to be tenacious, helpful, conscientious, collaborative, thorough, committed, and a pleasure to work with.  Lee is an outstanding Counsel with exceptional analytical and technical skills and someone who always goes that extra mile. Local Authority Solicitor (2020)


  • I have been using 4 Brick Court for many years and always remain very impressed by them. Their clerking is second to none, and the range of their barrister’s skills and experience is extensive. I would have no hesitation in commending this set to anyone involved in family law. Nicholas Rodriguez, Partner, Clifton Ingram LLP (2020)   


  • Polly Allison is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is thorough, intelligent and hardworking.  Her competence belies her year of call, and she can turn her hat to fearlessly represent any of the parties with equal vigour and strategy. Catriona Allan, Solicitor, Goodman Ray (2020)   


  • Lee Pearman is that rare breed of Barrister who is utterly fearless and intensely committed, whilst developing and maintaining an essential compassionate rapport with his clients. Raj Bhattoa, Partner, Manders Law (2020)


  • Olivia Bliss is exceptionally good with clients and especially those who are vulnerable.  She has great attention to detail and reports back fully and quickly following a hearing making it easy to work with her.  Olivia is clearly passionate about the work she does and her commitment to securing the best outcome for her clients is obvious. Amy Woolfenden, Solicitor, Beck Fitzgerald (2020)


  • Alastair Miles Martey is a fearless Advocate who puts his client’s case robustly. He has represented some of my most vulnerable clients including an individual with severe special educational needs. Alastair has an excellent understanding of the law and was in full control of the case from beginning to end. James Betts, Maxwell Gillot Solicitors (2020) 


  • I want to thank Marc Roberts very much for his wise counsel and outstanding courtroom savvy.Lay Client (2020)


  • Bibi Badejo has an excellent understanding of detail in every case and a good rapport with clients. Her advocacy, negotiation skills and legal knowledge of complex matters make her a great advocate. Jitender Birah, Consultant Solicitor, Duncan Lewis (2020)


  • Sue Quinn is a top-class advocate and one of the very best. I am always delighted when Sue is available to represent one of my clients. You can be certain that you are in safe hands when Sue is on your case. Her approach is calm but firm and always very fair. Lorna Cservenka, Partner, Hanne & Co (2020)


  • I have instructed specialist childcare counsel at 4 Brick Court for a number of years. I find that both the counsel and the clerks are attuned to this area of work, and I would recommend the Chambers without hesitation to other childcare lawyers. Seona Myerscough, Partner, Gardner Leader Solicitors (2019)


  • Professional and friendly counsel who are knowledgeable and always willing to accommodate even at very short notice. Clerks are very responsive and helpful. Counsel are good with vulnerable parents and very approachable. Denise Herman, Partner, Blaser Mills Law (2019)


  • My experience of 4 Brick Court stretches across 3 decades! I have always found that, from the clerks to the Head of Chambers, they are a professional, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and approachable set of chambers. Dawn Routledge, Solicitor, The Head Partnership (2019)


  • 4 Brick Court are a set of chambers that can be relied upon to provide the highest quality service. Their barristers have a wealth of experience and expertise in their field. They are committed to clients and will go out of their way to assist wherever possible. Their members and experienced team of clerks are a pleasure to work with. Amy Woolfenden, Solicitor, Beck Fitzgerald (2019)


  • 4 Brick Court are the go-to family chambers, especially for child law. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as good young talent. Their barristers are approachable and sensitive to the needs of parents and other vulnerable clients. The clerk’s team lead by Clive Barrett is professional while remaining friendly and helpful. The clerks’ team and barristers are always willing to assist at short notice. Claire Fitzgerald, Senior Partner, Barrett & Thomson Solicitors (2019)  


  • 4 Brick Court has been one of my preferred Chambers for Childcare matters for over 20 years. The set is exceptional with the barristers being highly professional and knowledgeable and importantly showing an understanding of and empathy with a diverse range of vulnerable clients. The Senior Clerk Clive Barrett and his team are professional and efficient particularly around billing and importantly will bend over backwards to help with nothing ever being too much trouble. In short a first-class family Chambers. Peter Harris, Senior Partner, Harris Temperley LLP (2019)


  • I have had the pleasure of working with Alastair Miles Martey in relation to the needs of vulnerable children with special educational needs. Alastair is extremely bright and determined and his excellent work for these clients led to special educational needs being met and exclusion decisions being overturned. His insight into education law obligations was invaluable. Karen May, Solicitor; John Ford Solicitors (2019)


  • Jacqui Gilliatt I have high regard for Miss Gilliatt’s work ethic and professionalism and only have words of praise for her and it has been an absolutely successful working relationship. Her preparation for the case has been excellent.  Miss Gilliatt has worked with passion and fantastic attention to detail.  She has fully engaged with me as a litigant in person which has allowed her to have a comprehensive insight around all matters as well as guaranteed we established a trusting and efficient working relationship.  The Judge expressed praise for her providing clarity and order to the vast amount of evidence arising from the previous cases and background of our family. Direct Access Client (2019)

If you would like to instruct any of our Barristers, please contact the practice team on 020 7832 3200 or via email.