Keileigh Pink – ROK Legal Career Carousel at Clapton Girls Academy

22nd Jun 2022

Four Brick Court’s Barrister Keliegh Pink took part in the ROK Legal Career Carousel at Clapton Girls Academy. Keliegh Pink discussed all potential pathways toward establishing a career in law and her journey toward becoming a Barrister.

ROK has partnered with us as part of our Law Together Project.

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#ROK10000 Campaign Event

14th Jun 2022

As part of our Law Together project Jayne HarrillBibi Badejo, and Polly Allison attended the launch of the #ROK10000 Campaign. ROK (Reach Out 2 Kids) aim to raise £10.000 to support their work:

“Our aim is to create as many employment opportunities as possible for young people from diverse and lower-income backgrounds: removing barriers to entry by providing those young people with the tools to believe in themselves, achieve despite the odds and to succeed in their career goals. It is absolutely vital that we are able to continue in our work of helping companies and industry to remove inequity, discrimination and bias, and to recognise talent amongst the demographic we work with.”

Four Brick Court, Chambers of Jayne Harrill has partnered with ROK (Reach Out 2 Kids) and wholeheartedly supports this vital work. For more information, see

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Can we have an early knockout? Ending care proceedings without full judicial determination

24th May 2022

Four Brick Court’s Jacqui Gilliatt, Barrister and Head of Pupillage & Tenancy Committee, has a two-part article published in the Family Law Journal. Part one is available in this month’s issue, and part two will be available to read in June. 

Part 1 of two articles about the court’s power to require or force a local authority to withdraw care proceedings or otherwise restrict the scope of the findings it is willing to consider is published in the May 2022 edition of the Journal. Part 1 will focus on the situation where the local authority actively invites the court to bring things to an early conclusion.

Part 2 (to be published in June 2022) will consider whether there is anything the other parties in the case can do and what case management powers the court has in relation to the contents of threshold documents.

Click the link below to access the article.

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Four Brick Court and LB Hackney

09th May 2022

Four Brick Courts Justin Tadros did some training this afternoon for LB Hackney on, ‘Deprivation of liberty placement of children – summary of the law and some practical tips’

Andlib Mohsin Tenancy

25th Apr 2022

Chambers is pleased to welcome Andlib Moshin who has accepted our offer of tenancy. Huge congratulations to Andlib from all here at Four Brick Court!

Lauren Bovington Tenancy

04th Apr 2022

Chambers is delighted that Lauren Bovington has accepted our offer of tenancy. Huge congratulations to Lauren from all here at Four Brick Court! Lauren is an excellent addition to chambers and is already active in our Law Together project.

Kinship on BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour

24th Mar 2022

Kinship chair and head of chambers Jayne Harrill

and all of us at @FourBrickCourt, look forward to BBC Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 today at 10 am to hear from kinship‘s Chief Executive, @drlucypeake, and Meyrem, a Kinship carer.

They’ll be speaking to host Emma Barnett all about #KinshipCare and giving a preview of Kinship’s new report launching today!


Kinship is delighted to launch its new report: Out of the Shadows a vision for kinship care in England

24th Mar 2022

Over 162,000 children grow up in #KinshipCare in the UK, but they and their carers often don’t get the support they need and deserve. We agree with the kinship charity’s recommendations in their new report today:

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Tom Daley’s Comic Relief with Kinship Charity

14th Mar 2022

We are delighted to announce that Kinship Charity has been selected as one of the charities to feature in Tom Daley’s Comic Relief.

‘Hell of a Homecoming’ Challenge, which will air on BBC1 at 9 pm this evening!

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Bridging the Bar – Four Brick Court’s Law Together

27th Jan 2022

Four Brick Court, Chambers of Jayne Harrill is delighted to offer eight mentors to students selected by Bridging the Bar as part of our Law Together Project. Emma Hughes, who manages the mentor scheme, is “delighted, so many members have signed up to be volunteers!.”

Elin HughesKeileigh PinkHarry Simons, Sarah FinchamSophie Crampton, Olivia Bliss, Tom Pye, and Justin Tadros look forward to meeting their mentees. Bridging the Bar will offer 100 places for mentees this year, and Four Brick Court, Chambers of Jayne Harrill, is incredibly proud to play a significant role in this scheme.

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ROK Edmonton County School careers fair with 4BC

20th Jan 2022

Bronach Gordon and Harry Simons visit Edmonton County School today to participate in their careers fair organised by ROK. Four Brick Court has partnered with ROK to inspire and encourage young people to consider a career at the bar, part of our Law Together project to increase diversity in our profession.

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The Advocacy Podcast Season 2!

20th Jan 2022

Congratulations to Bibi Badejo and Justin Tadros on the second season of the brilliant Advocacy Podcast: Journeys to Excellence. In the first episode, Bibi interviews Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher, lead prosecutors in the Derek Chauvin case.

The Advocacy Podcast 

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Law Together – ROK

08th Dec 2021

Proud to announce that @ReachOut2Kids has been selected as an official partner of Law Together, a legacy project launched by us in loving memory of Ian Griffin, the former head chambers. We aim to increase the number of underprivileged and unrepresented groups at the Bar.

Find out more:

Law Together

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Keileigh Pink pays tribute to Ian Griffin in Family Affairs.

08th Dec 2021

Keileigh Pink pays tribute to Ian Griffin in Family Affairs, a moving account that was first delivered at Ian’s memorial service and made such an impression Keileigh was invited to submit the text for inclusion in the FLBA magazine. Chambers has launched ‘Law Together’ to build on Ian’s vision of inclusion and diversity in our profession.

Find out more:

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Lee Pearman featured in Heart Matters Magazine

08th Dec 2021

Four Brick Court’s Lee Pearman, who specialises in child protection, bravely sat down with Heart Matters magazine to speak about his experience when he had a stent fitted.

Click the link below to read the full article.

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Bibi Badejo on her re-election to the FLBA

18th Oct 2021

Huge congratulations to Bibi Badejo on her re-election to the FLBA committee, we are delighted for her.
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4BC Pupils 2021

11th Oct 2021

We are delighted to welcome our new pupils Alice Scanlan and Roshni Popli to chambers; we wish them well in their pupillage and future careers at the Bar!

Lauren Bovington

11th Oct 2021

So pleased to announce that Lauren Bovington has returned to chambers to resume her second six-month pupillage; welcome back, Lauren, and wish you every success!

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Remembering Ian Griffin

24th Sep 2021

We remember our previous Head of Chambers and dear friend, Ian Griffin with much love.

Read more about his legacy here.

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4BC’s Bibi Badejo – FLBA National Committee and Wellbeing Team

16th Sep 2021

The FLBA (FamilyLawBar) elections are open! 4BC’s Bibi Badejo is seeking reelection to continue her fabulous work on the FLBA National Committee and Wellbeing Team. Voting is open to all FLBA members. Ballots close at 12 noon on 4 October.

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